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ASC LLC is a specialized investment firm that focuses on venture capital investments. We will not offer an opportunity to you in which we are not invested ourselves.

We believe that global trends and changes in technology have created a myriad of excellent investment opportunities. The world today is experiencing a sea change of opportunity and we believe that Venture Capital should belong in every accredited investor's Panoramic portfolio. While the internet has made almost every organization in the world flatter, it also has provided the same dynamic to the entrepreneurial world. Crowd funding, Angel groups, investment clubs have sprung up overnight, with many investing in companies that require minimum investments to reach their cash-flow positive milestone. And yet these same companies, because of the new world of operating and marketing a business within social media, etc., can provide investors healthy multiples which would have not been fathomable even several decades ago. This is ASC's focus … discover the enthusiastic, hard-working entrepreneur who is willing to partner with our investor group to create a great company in the future.

Our Founder

David G. Pendell brings 40 years of managerial, investment, and business expertise to the executive group, and was responsible for the successful launch and subsequent profitable sale of five start-up entities in a variety of arenas, including publishing, software, environmental education, and printing.

Historically: Predominantly, Pendell led the growth of Pendell Printing, Inc. from a small print firm of less than $1MM in sales in 1971 to over $85MM in 1998 when the company was sold to a multi-billion dollar conglomerate, while continually performing at over 300% of the industry average, and maintaining a year over year growth of 20-30%. He served as Chairman of the Board /President of Pendell Printing Inc., co-founder of Envision Inc., a graphic solutions enterprise,; President and CEO of Baustert Engineering, Inc., a software business; co-founder of Ecoland, a 6000 acre timbering and real estate development company; founder of The Earth Generation, an environmental education publisher, and co- publisher of Fuel Oil News, a magazine for the home heating industry. Pendell's investment experience includes 40 years of seed capital, angel funding and entrepreneurism.

Currently: in addition to Founding ASC LLC and co-Founding Veterans Capital Fund, a high yield, monthly income fund that can include up to 4 separate income streams within each investment, Pendell is also a member and active in both the Michigan Angel Fund and Tamiami Angel Fund I and II as an investor and helping provide investment due dilligence. Pendell serves on the Board of Directors of ERP Maestro, Inc. and is board advisor on the XG Sciences Board of Directors.

ASC is focused on maximizing opportunities in emerging growth markets that fulfill the following criteria:

ASC provides growth capital on terms that are attractive to portfolio companies and their venture backers, as well as to sophisticated, high-net-worth investors. Through our network relationships and our own due diligence, we find investment opportunities in firms whose technology acumen is well-established. ASC offers the high-net-worth-individual timely access to what we believe are some of the most coveted investment opportunities available today in emerging health and technology companies.

What is the ASC Diversification Plan?

We have participated in numerous startup companies...some of them our own and some through "Angel Group" investing. The ratio of success with angel investments is usually very low as the start-up model is fraught with high risk factors: factors such as new management, inability to ramp, difficulty in forecasting markets and their associated costs. Also, the dilutive effects of additional rounds of financing which highly impact the eventual return for the investor.

However, these experiences over the last 40 + years have allowed us to formulate what will work in the venture capital area with lower risk, with diversification, and with much higher returns for the venture capital investor: a model that is often used today by the conservative bastions of higher education such as the Harvard and Yale Endowment Funds, who annually place 10% or more of their portfolios in venture capital and, in some years, more than 50% of their endowments in alternative investments.

Just like any type of investment, the ASC plan provides for lower investments spread over a higher number of opportunities, thus lowering your risk and allowing for higher returns. ASC's objective is to provide outstanding venture capital investment to high-net-worth individuals, investing in minimums ranging from $25,000 to $100,000 per Venture Capital offering. ASC reviews hundreds of qualified offerings per year; we narrow those hundreds down to only one to two that we will invest in annually.

Contact Information

Please join us in looking at our next market opportunity by calling Dave Pendell or Vicky Pendell at 231-348-0000 or e-mailing us at:

davependell@advancedstagecapital.com  or   vickypendell@advancedstagecapital.com

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