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October 2013

Dear valued partners in health,

First and foremost, I want to thank you for your continued support and dedication to improving health and wellness in the workplace. Cultures of wellness are cultures of success. But the healthcare industry is undergoing rapid and drastic changes that directly impact the way we interact with you. We created this quarterly newsletter to keep you informed about these industry changes and how Strategic Health Services, Inc. (SHS) is adapting and improving to address them.

New Leadership:

We are pleased to announce that we recently named Jeff Surges, former CEO of Merge Healthcare, as our Chairman. He joins the existing Board and will work closely with the senior leadership team at SHS. His vast experience and invaluable insight in growing healthcare software companies will ensure we continue our progress toward a world-class healthcare company. Adding Jeff to the SHS team is a key step in our continued growth, development, and emergence as the leader in the population health industry.

Measuring Employee Engagement:

The number of your employees participating in our Health Management programs, and the extent of their participation, are important measures of the success of our partnership with your organization. Engagement at any level is an improvement, but to make lasting changes and reduce your healthcare costs we must work together to move participants to the highest level of engagement.

We have four levels of engagement:
Eligible: This is the baseline data that represents the total number of employees (and/or spouses) eligible to participate.
Aware: These members have enrolled in the MyPathwaytoHealth™ portal and completed both a Health Risk Assessment (HRA) and biometric screening. They have taken the first step on the path to good health.
Engaged: These members have taken the next step by contacting their personal Health Coach.
Active Participant: These members have provided one or more Health Updates to their Health Coach. They are fully engaged and rapidly moving towards a healthier lifestyle.

Higher levels of member participation helps them be healthier and more productive, and it directly correlates to your Return on Investment (ROI). Non-participant healthcare costs are higher by $41 per employee per year than the original forecasted annual cost. On the other hand, Active Participants will result in savings of up to $1,704 per employee per year. Increased engagement improves outcomes in every aspect, from better management of chronic diseases to an overall sustained decrease in healthcare costs.

Meeting Federal Standards:

Following an independent audit, SHS was certified as being in compliance with standards set forth by HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. HIPAA compliance is an essential element of the technological innovations we provide our customers. The certification shows we have the policies, procedures, and technology safeguards in place to protect the confidentiality and integrity of the information in our system.

Technology Trail:

The SHS solution allows customers to better manage employee health and the health programs they select. Our next step is to integrate our systems with third party companies. We are working on industry standard integration protocols such as HL7, ADT & ORU’s, CCD’s, and many IHE profiles. We are also simplifying access to our system by adding industry standard single sign-on solutions such as Microsoft Federation Services. These changes will allow us to seamlessly integrate with other systems, allowing members to effortlessly navigate between them.

Future Paths:

As we move forward, 2014 will be the “year of outcomes” as we grow our local and national footprint. We will expand our sales and account management teams and build a multi-channel network of Insurance Brokers, Third-Party Administrators, and Benefits Consultants. Account Managers will be calling to schedule on-site visits to drive your success.

Your continued support and participation will ensure our ability to improve the programs and services we provide.

Chris Caramanico, CEO